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Game of Arms

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Meetup to play games

Game of Arms connects people by location to meet up and play games; Arm Wrestling, Billiards, Cornhole, Darts, RPS and Table Tennis.  With more games being added everyday.  The app combines messaging for easy communication and a gamified leader board to keep track of your progress locally or globally.

Our team believes that playing games can transform our lives for the positive.  From our early years of developing our brains to the last stages of keeping our minds at peak performance, playing games is the answer.

Download the app to experience a full life of fun!  Contact us with any feedback or to recommend that we add a new game to the app.




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The Games - GOA

Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling is our most physical match on the app with competitors meeting for a friendly battle of arm strength.  A Chicago area local, John Brzenk, is considered the greatest arm wrestler of all time!



Darts may have been invested by soldiers throwing broken arrows at stumps to pass the time during breaks in war.  From the old pubs using solid elm wood blocks to the modern sisal fiber, Darts have continued to stay popular in the pubs around the globe.




On old pub game that needs help making a comeback around the world.  Billiards/Pool will help even the most novice player find some competition in large pool hall anytime of day.                                                                                                                                                                               

rock, paper, Scissors (RPS)

For a fun game with strangers or a way to settle a dispute, Rock Paper Scissors has a long history originating in China possibly dating back to 200 BC.  Always a great ice breaking game for business events.    



Their is always a great discussion about where this game was created or if it should be called bags.  Good for 2 players of 4.  The app is great way to keep a family function friendly or kill time before a football game.


Table Tennis

One of the most common sports in the World, Table Tennis can keep all ages active all season of the year indoors and outside.  Currently gaining popularity with Table Tennis clubs and bars.



It is games that give us something to do when there is nothing to do. We thus call games “pastimes” and regard them as trifling fillers of the interstices of our lives. But, they are much more important than that. They are clues to the future. And their serious cultivation now is perhaps our only salvation.
— Bernard Suits


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